Year of the Dragon

The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, was a time when families came together, shared meals, and participated in traditional ceremonies. Wells International School Bangna Campus as a community celebrated the Lunar New Year with great performances, lion dancing, firecrackers, and a Chinese market this year.

Before the Lunar New Year, parents, students, and teachers dedicated much time to preparing performances and the Chinese market for this big celebration. Students practiced their dances and songs for our upcoming celebration of the Lunar New Year. Parents were also highly involved with stations’ activities in order that students were given chances to appreciate Chinese traditional cultures and got to have a deep understanding of Chinese traditions and cultures. On this day, we saw a beautiful picture of community as families and school were connecting closely to build a caring and inclusive experience for our children.

The station of Chinese calligraphy helped students have a better understanding of the Chinese characters and Chinese traditional culture during Chinese Lunar New Year. The Station of Touhu Game brought us so much fun while playing this traditional Chinese game. The Station of Chinese printing and traditional crafts presented us a real and precious Chinese tradition that students could explore and learn. One of students’ favorite stations was Chinese traditional snacks that Chinese parents brought from China. Students got chances to try and eat lots of Chinese traditional snacks.

The highlight of this celebration was the Lion dance and firecrackers! Every year, the high school students performed live percussion while the lion entertained the students and gobbled up oranges from their hands. This performance had great.

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