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Framingham State University – Master of Education Program


In conjunction with International Education Programs, Inc., Framingham State University offers the Master of Education program at sites around the globe, including Bangkok, Thailand. Designed for overseas educators, the non-profit program is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education in the United States and has been evaluated by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC). Framingham State University is fully accredited by NEASC. With courses conducted conveniently on site at Wells International School’s On Nut campus during holiday periods, the program offers teachers in Thailand the opportunity to earn an American degree that qualifies graduates to teach both in Thailand and countries worldwide.

Program Highlights

  • Quality
    • Approved by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in the United States
    • Taught by highly experienced professionals with decades of experience (see the faculty)
  • Affordability
    • Operates as a non-profit affiliate of Framingham State University
    • Maintains a low total cost of approximately 180,000 baht for the entire program
  • Practicality
    • Operates two-week course sessions over holidays and school breaks
    • Focuses on hands-on tasks and learning that can be applied directly to professional practices


Program Tracks

The Master of Education program offers concentrations in four areas [NOTE: As of 2013, only the Master of Education in International Teaching strand is being offered]:

  • Master of Education in International Teaching: With courses addressing a broad range of topics–including educational philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy–the International Teaching concentration offers instructors a solid foundation in the many aspects of international education, preparing them for teaching and leadership positions in schools worldwide.


All applications to the graduate program must be submitted directly to Framingham State University as specified on the official website. Courses run twice per year, in early April and mid July. Admission to any one of the programs occurs only when each cohort is formed, in April every year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I really get an American degree, and is it really recognized?
A: Yes. Upon completion of the program, which is accredited through NEASC, Framingham State University in Massachusetts issues your degree and transcripts.

Q: Can I teach in the United States once I finish the degree?
A: No. Although the program culminates in an American master’s degree, it does not include U.S. licensure. Each U.S. state has different requirements for the issuance of teaching licenses and should be consulted individually.

Q: How long does the M.Ed. program take to complete?
A: With eight on-site classes occurring over two April sessions and two July sessions, along with one online course, the program takes approximately one and half years.

Q: Is it possible to only take the courses online?
A: Framingham does offer some of the required courses online.

Q: Can I take the program in the evenings or during other time periods?
A: No. Due to the nature of the program, the intensive two-week sessions are always held at the same time each year, and last from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in order to accommodate the schedules of most participants.

Q: Are scholarships available to applicants?
A: No. Due to the non-profit status of the program, the tuition cost is already kept as low as possible, and is a lower total cost than any other program in Thailand.

Q: What is the fee structure?
A: Each course costs US$600, due when each session begins. With nine total courses, the total tuition cost is US $5,400(approximately 172,800 baht). Additionally, there is an application fee of $100, and a registration fee of $20 for each session. Including any expenditures for texts and other class materials, the average cost of the program is approximately US $5,640 (approximately 180,000 baht).

Q: What are the admissions requirements, and how do I apply?
A: The full list of requirements can be found on the third page of the application form. All required documents must be submitted directly to Framingham State University, as specified on the last page of the application.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here.
A: Please contact Ro at ro@wells-school.com, use the form below or visit the official Framingham website.

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