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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Wells International School's graduates since 2010
Wells International School’s graduates since 2010

Mission Statement

The mission of Wells International School is to deliver a quality, college preparatory education to a diverse, international group of students in a nurturing environment of creativity and discovery, which inspires a passion for learning, fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity, and teaches responsible, global citizenship through a collaboration between the home and school community.


The vision of Wells International School is to be globally recognized for its supportive and innovative educational programs that empower each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

Education for Life

Wells International School aims to provide quality education and foster character development in a caring community. The philosophy of Wells is directly linked to the desired attributes and traits needed throughout childhood in order to progress successfully in life. We capitalize on the uniqueness of all students, encouraging them to be communicators and thinkers who are principled, determined, well-balanced, caring, open-minded and knowledgeable. When combined, these attributes create a wholesome profile of an internationally-minded student.

Why Wells?

Education is not only the acquisition of knowledge or the training necessary to succeed in single vocations. In the increasingly global era, schools must recognize that more is needed: Education in the modern world requires the acquisition of a broad range of skills across a wide range of fields, the ability to make connections and critically evaluate knowledge, and the commitment to apply the skills one gains for the benefit of both the local and global communities. Wells International School adopts a progressive, best-practices approach based on American learning standards, which encourage students to think creatively, to ask critical questions, to work independently and in groups, and to take responsibility for both their actions and those of their community. From the youngest students to the administrative leadership team, all members of the Wells community thus seek to continually grow and improve. Students at Wells International School benefit from:

  • An intensive, university-preparatory curriculum based on American standards and focused on experiential learning and real-life application
  • A wide range of academic support, including TOEFL, PSAT and SAT prep; university and career counseling; academic support clubs; and internship and job shadow opportunities at major universities and organizations
  • Access to individualized instruction from highly trained staff, approximately 70% of whom possess or are pursuing advanced graduate diplomas or degrees in education or their subject areas


A Learning Community Dedicated to Changing the World

Instructors at Wells International School do not simply teach because it is their job, nor do the many students learn simply because they must. The Wells community is passionate about education and learning as an end in itself. The staff and students at Wells recognize that no individual can stand alone, and that being part of a school requires a commitment to working with all members of a group.  Wells is never satisfied with the status quo, but rather strives to better itself and the surrounding community. Without this growth and change, progress does not exist. Wells International School is truly committed to its credo: Changing the world, one student at a time…