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Student Council

The Wells International School’s High School Student Council was formed first in the year 2012 and ever since, the tradition of maintaining the council was upheld until today. Aiming to build and fortify the bridge of information between students and the Administration, the High School Student Council hopes to embody the thoughts of the student body and act as a representative of their voices. In this particular year, as a team of inspired and motivated group of delegates, the High School Student Council is striving towards making the 2018-2019 academic school year worthwhile for our students through work done from our various committees to create a much more vibrant school. We look forward to our fellow students input on issues and participation in events. Thank you for your constant interest and support.

List of Delegates

  • Executive Branch
    President: Jira
    Vice-president: Jai
    Secretary: Amy
    Treasurer: Gia
  • Grade 12

    Lila Al Tamimi

    Tae Takdanai

    Amy Schroder

    Jai Soni

    Jira Trinetkamol

  • Grade 11

    Suraj Mirchandani

    Ruby Song

    Sapal Chapagain 

  • Grade 10

    Gia Karamchandani

    Hrithi Bhattacharya

    Riddhi Tandon 

  • Grade 9

    Paree Mirchandani

    Kendrick Acda

    Joshua Kim 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the High School Student Council consists of 4 main roles: The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The role of the Executive Committee, although chosen through elections, is limited to being the mediator of the meetings that the Student Council holds as the President and the Vice-President is not allowed to vote. The Executive Committee also interacts with the High School Administration Team to propose anything the Council sees fit to be proposed. As the heading figures of the Council, the Executive Committee wishes to become role models for diplomacy and structure for the years to come.

School Events and Spirit Committee

School Events and Spirit Committee’s main role lies in the planning, organization, and execution of several student-initiated events, as well as assistance in general school events.  The aims of the committee are to create enjoyable events for the students during certain festivals, such as Halloween and Christmas, and to raise school spirit and student morale through events such as the Spirit Week.  Bringing together Student Council representatives and passionate members of the student body, the committee transforms the school into a lively interconnected community.

Student Relations Committee

Student Relations Committee serves to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, and concerns between the student body and the Student Council and ensure a fair representation of the whole high school student body by providing an equal platform for all members to have their voices heard by the Student Council. Through the encouragement of students to discuss school issues, the committee hopes to bring an increased attention to and consideration of students’ views, and ultimately ensure that students are active and contributing members of the school community.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement committee is a committee focusing on collaborations with other organizations, engaging in both internal and external means. Our projects include volunteer work, service projects, and making changes within the school. We help facilitate the interaction between the Wells, local, and global community.

“Join us, and make a change.”