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While the American standards form the core of the curriculum, equally essential are the school’s learning expectations of students. Throughout their time at Wells International School, students will participate in living and learning activities that address all of the following focus areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Life Skills & Responsible Citizenship
  • Healthy Habits
  • Technology
  • Thai Culture

With these essential areas in mind, Wells International School has adapted the following credo:

“Wells International School students will graduate as…”

Effective Communicators who …

  • Read, comprehend and interpret a variety of written materials
  • Write clear, concise and grammatically correct prose
  • Speak and listen reflectively and critically, and respond appropriately
  • Reflect and critically evaluate oral and written work according to applicable standards
  • Communicate within and across cultures
  • Create appropriate oral and visual presentations

International School Bangkok-Wells

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers who…

  • Research, identify, access, and organize data
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by
    • Comparing, analyzing and evaluating data and arriving at informed conclusions
    • Synthesizing data to create hypotheses or determine original approaches
  • Apply acquired skills and knowledge to define, investigate and solve problems

Wells International School

Responsible Global Citizens who…

  • Exhibit awareness of environmental issues
  • Appreciate and respect diversity in local and global communities
  • Collaborate effectively with others
  • Make choices which promote good physical and mental health
  • Function ethically in society
  • Practice and fulfill civic responsibilities


Healthy Individuals who…

  • Are emotionally and mentally content
  • Understand how their bodies function
  • Regularly consume healthy, nutritious foods
  • Recognize and avoid the dangers of substance abuse


Proficient Users of Technology who…

  • Use computers for learning
  • Use computers to supplement and enhance communication
  • Recognize the need for the safe and ethical use of technology
  • Continually learn about new technology

technology learning

Culturally Diverse Learners who…

  • Honor the Thai king and the Royal Hymn
  • Show respect to the national anthem
  • Express appreciation of Thai culture and arts
  • Take part in activities and events that promote Thai culture and heritage