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Distance Learning in High School

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Wells Community has had to transition to distance learning for the past two months. Despite the challenge, our high school teachers and students quickly transitioned and made the most of the situation, continuing to deliver quality lessons to students and ensure the connection to school remained strong. Our teachers have become very creative with their pedagogical instruction and integration of technology. Likewise, our students are developing many of the twenty-first century skills essential for their present and futures, including creativity, collaboration, technology literacy, adaptability and critical thinking. 

Here are some of the highlights of what has been happening in our virtual classrooms in high school:

Learning Through Google Meets


Students presenting in Ms. Farhana’s Algebra class

 distance learning

Learning ICT with Mr. Raj


Student presentations in Ms. Lee’s IB Business Management class

distance learning

Big smiles in IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK)!

Ms.Shi(Grace)Chinese G12 We care about each other

Showing our connectedness via Google Meets in Ms. Grace’s IB Mandarin class

Notable Student Work & Projects

Through their various subjects, students were given opportunities to develop both content knowledge, as well as their video editing skills, such as Ms. Viessa’s IB Psychology classes, Ms. Sandy’s IB Economics classes, and Ms. Farhana’s Algebra II classes. In IB Psychology, Ms. Viessa and the Grade 12 students also put together a ‘Speaker Series’, where professional guest speakers visited the class Google Meets to share their knowledge about Psychology and the real world, as the seniors prepare for their next phase of life after high school. As an example, Mr. Jeff Harry, motivational speaker from Rediscover Your Play, talked about the importance of creativity and play in the process of working towards goals. The student projects and videos can be accessed by clicking in the following links:

IB Psychology Grade 12 Final Projects

IB Psychology Grade 12 ‘Speaker Series’

IB Economics Grade 12 Final News Reports on the Effects of Coronavirus on the Economy

Algebra II Math Projects Featured on Flipgrid

Expression through the Arts

In Mr. Ren’s Grade 10 classes, students were given a platform to express their ideas about the current pandemic through creative artwork.

distance learning

‘Covid-19’ by Tiffany 


‘Corona’ by Miho

distance learning

‘Covid-19 Awareness Poster by Maya

distance learning

‘We Will Win the War’ by Daigo

Here are more examples of student artwork and collaboration through the arts:

Grade 10 Art Posters

IB Visual & Language Arts Collaboration Projects

IB Visual Arts Grade 12 Artwork Poems

Digital Fun

In high school, we also made time for fun in the digital world. The Student Council organized a virtual sports day, where students competed in virtual rock-paper-scissors, chess, Kahoot!, and more. They also organized a Spirit Week to boost morale and add some extra fun to online learning. We have also been able to have some guest speakers join us to share with our students and keep them inspired during these times.

distance learning

Online Sports Day 2

Students competing in a game of virtual rock-paper-scissor

G9 Hat Day

Grade 9 students celebrating hat day!

G12 Wells Uniform

Grade 12 students choosing to wear their school uniforms during online learning

HS Student Council

High School Student Council Meeting

distance learning

Guest speaker from A21 NGO

Focus on Wellness

In an effort to increase the well-being of our school community during these times, we have decided to focus on wellness for the month of May. Wells Wellness is an initiative created to inspire, support and promote wellness (physical, mental and emotional) within our Wells International School community. Our mission is directly aligned with our ESLRs and school mission to change the world, one student at a time. Wellness starts from within. Students, teachers, staff and parents can follow the challenges on the Wells Wellness Facebook page.

For the first wellness challenge, students were challenged to complete the following BINGO board by engaging in some healthy activities. Everyone is encouraged to share photos or videos of themselves and their family members participating in wellness activities to the page, or sharing the completed Bingo boards on your preferred social media page. Teachers are also contributing motivational videos for our Motivation Monday series!

Wells Wellness BINGO

This past week, we have also had an SDG-themed week of wellness activities led by our Student and Engagement Committee focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each day sends different challenges focused around specific SDGs, as well as resources for further learning and ideas on how to contribute to different causes, the environment, etc. We also had Max, the owner of Steps with Theera, join us after school to discuss how the cafe supports and creates a strong sense of community by shifting mindsets around the topic of inclusion.

Wells Wellness

We hope that our students, staff, and teachers know that they are appreciated and valued and we acknowledge the effort and dedication that everyone has been making to foster a strong sense of community through distance learning and resilience in our current global situation. One thing is for certain: We continue to strive for our mission of changing the world, one student at a time…even virtually!

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