2024 School Final Week Activities – Wells Without Walls

Dumplings are made by rolling dough and wrapping stuffing’s such as minced meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables, etc. They are also a very important festival food in Chinese culture and customs. In particular, Chinese people like to wrap dumplings in the shape of “ingots,” which symbolizes a lot of money.

After wrapping dumplings there are many ways to cook them. They can be boiled, fried, steamed, or deep-fried. After cooking, they can be paired with different condiments such as soy sauce, mashed garlic, and chili oil to create a variety of flavour’s and decadent tastes. It is a dish that is very worth recommending to everyone to taste!

Today (5/24), the Chinese Department, led by Teacher Jin and Teacher Zhao, led the students of the Chinese Club to break the framework of daily learning in the “Wells without walls” activity on the 12th grade graduation day. Through the process of “learning by doing,” we can experience and feel the beauty of different Chinese cultures.




今天(5/24),中文部由金老师和赵老师,带领着中文俱乐部的同学们,在12年级毕业日的「Wells without walls」活动中,一起打破平日学习的框架,从「做中学」的过程中,去体会和感受出不同的中华文化之美。




今天(5/24),中文部由金老師和趙老師,帶領著中文俱樂部的同學們,在12年級畢業日的“Wells without walls”活動中,一起打破平日學習的框架,從“做中學”的過程中,去體會和感受出不同的中華文化之美。

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