Wells Bang Na Students are Caring!

Wells Students Care! 

Wells’ students are caring! Every month the early years building at Wells International School Bang Na holds an assembly. These assemblies are based on the IB learner profiles. Learner profiles are qualities every IB students embody. This help them make exceptional contributions in and outside of school. Exposing and acknowledging these traits in early years is important for our students to be well-rounded. Wells youngest students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.




Our Assembly

During the caring assembly, students were grouped by their classes into five different stations. They practiced different ways of being caring. One of the activities was an electricity squeeze. Students held hands standing in a circle and practiced passing on a squeeze. This relates to the concept of when others are kind and caring to you, you can be kind and caring to others. The caring spreads like electricity to build a more caring community



Learning By Doing

Other stations included: watching a short clip on caring, practicing saying caring things to one another, a read aloud, thinking of community helpers, friends, family members, or teachers and stating why they think they are caring. A teacher wrote down the students’ ideas. They will be posted on our caring wall. Lastly, students were able to color a picture and think of someone they wanted to give it too. 



In the end, each teacher presented a “caring certificate” to award and acknowledge one student in their class who consistently demonstrates the caring quality. Way to go! 




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