Siri Park & Zoo

K3 Wells Chonburi Students Went Wild at Siri Park

The Wells School Chonburi students visited the Siri Park and Zoo on Wednesday, March 6th. The eager students enjoyed a day filled with new experiences and exciting things to see. This day created a great opportunity for our students to try new things, be brave and resilient, and practice their social skills in new environments. Siri Park & Zoo

Siri Park & Zoo

The Wells Chonburi students enjoyed a fun bus ride to the park and hopped off to start their adventure. The staff at the park guided our students through the different activities and sights. The students cheered on the piglets at the pig races. They watched the crocodiles during feeding time. The brave students held the pole with meat to dangle it over the crocodiles while the other students enjoyed the surprise as the crocodiles snapped for their food. Another fun activity had the students riding the ponies. 

The students moved on to a fourth activity that many of them thought the best. The Wells students were running around the rabbit pen feeding the rabbits. And lastly, the K3s painted canvas bags as a souvenir of an eventful day. After all the excitement, our tired students returned to school after a memorable day. Overall, the day provided valuable learning opportunities with hands-on activities and engaging in relevant conversations with the guides and each other.


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