International Day 2019

INVITATION: International Day 2019

International Day


What is International Day?

International Day is a day for the entire school to come together and celebrate the diversity of our student, teacher, and staff population, as well as recognize, appreciate and learn about other cultures around the world. This event nicely aligns with our ESLR of Global Citizenship and the IB concept of ‘international mindedness’. In an increasingly diverse world, our goal is to continue to remain open-minded to worldwide diversity and differences, and to practice acceptance and respect as an international attitude.

Theme: United & Connected

Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019

Location: Wells International School – On Nut Campus

Time: 11 AM – 2PM

Join us in celebration of the characteristics that unite us as humans across cultures and continents! We will be exploring how countries unite within and across countries and borders through the following themes: food, shelter, clothing, education, language and leadership/government. What do we all have in common, and what unites and connects us across countries and cultures? There will be interactive booths, activities, workshops, performances, and a range of international food!


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