Exploring Musical Structures: A Memorable Field Trip to Kasetsart University’s Department of Music

Wells International School BangNa Campus Grade 4 Students Bridge the Gap Between Western and Eastern Music

In a quest to enrich their understanding of musical structures, the Grade 4 students of Wells International School BangNa Campus embarked on an enlightening field trip to the Department of Music at Kasetsart University. The unique excursion aimed to connect classroom lessons on structure, particularly in music instruments, with real-world experiences. The primary objective was to showcase how cultural influences shape the structures of Western and Eastern music.

The students had the opportunity to explore various facets of Western music during their visit to Kasetsart University. They delved into the intricacies of practice rooms, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and the auditorium. This hands-on experience allowed them to witness firsthand the meticulous organization and design of spaces dedicated to the creation and performance of musical masterpieces.

As part of the field trip, the students were treated to a mesmerizing performance of Thai traditional music by talented Kasetsart University students. This cultural exchange not only showcased the rich heritage of Eastern music but also fostered an appreciation for the diverse musical tapestry that exists globally. The Wells International School students were captivated by the unique sounds, instruments, and rhythms, realizing how cultural influences contribute significantly to the structure of musical compositions.

The hospitality extended by the Dean of the Department of Music and the entire team at Kasetsart University left a lasting impression on the visiting students. The warm welcome, coupled with insightful discussions and demonstrations, created a conducive learning environment that complemented the academic curriculum at Wells International School. The collaborative effort between the two institutions exemplified the spirit of fostering a love for music and cultural understanding.

In the spirit of gratitude, Wells International School BangNa Campus extends heartfelt thanks to Kasetsart University’s Department of Music for providing an exclusive and enriching experience. The collaborative effort between the educational institutions not only enhanced the students’ academic knowledge but also created lasting memories that will undoubtedly influence their appreciation for music and cultural diversity.

The field trip to Kasetsart University’s Department of Music proved to be a valuable and enriching experience for the Grade 4 students of Wells International School BangNa Campus. By exploring the structures of Western music spaces and immersing themselves in the beauty of Thai traditional music, the students gained a holistic understanding of how culture shapes musical expression. This cross-cultural exchange not only deepened their appreciation for the art form but also fostered a sense of unity and shared appreciation for the diversity within the world of music.


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