Class of 2021 CAS Final Interviews

Congratulations, Class of 2021, YOU DID IT!!!

The seniors recently had their final CAS interviews, where they reflected on their personal development throughout their CAS journeys, whether it was strengths they developed, challenges they faced and overcame, comfort zones they stepped out of, or confidence they gained through public speaking, extra-curricular, or leadership opportunities. The thoughtfulness of their reflections indicates a great deal of maturity and insight into the leaders and global citizens they have become during high school, and the future potential they hold. 

Despite the challenge of engaging in extracurricular activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, this class demonstrated both adaptability and resilience, and found creative ways to continue developing their skills through CAS safely at home. These students have developed in their own unique ways and gained a better understanding of themselves, as well as clearer visions of their future pathways. As a collective, they have accomplished a great deal in terms of their extracurricular activities and experiences throughout middle and high school. They have seized the opportunities provided in and out of school, and flourished from stepping outside of their comfort zones in numerous ways. They have certainly gained useful skills and important lessons which will greatly benefit them in the future.

Thank you to all of the family members, administrators, teachers, staff and school community who have supported, encouraged and inspired the Class of 2021 to step out of their comfort zones, take risks, and grow as the unique individuals you are.

Class of 2021, you are one step closer to graduation, and the world is now your classroom! We wish you nothing but the best and continued development and success in the future!

The Class of 2021’s CAS Portfolios can be accessed HERE, and their video reflections and advice for future CAS cohorts can be watched HERE

If students or parents wish to know more about the CAS programme here at Wells, visit the Wells CAS website.

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