Celebrating Literacy Enchantment: Wells International School Bang Na’s Reading Month Extravaganza

Wells International School Bang Na recently transformed into a bustling hub of literary excitement during its captivating Reading Month celebration! This dynamic event was a vibrant showcase of the school’s commitment to igniting a love for reading and captivating students with the magic of literature. Throughout the month, a series of events and activities were carefully crafted to inspire students to immerse themselves in the captivating world of books.

Pajama Day

The festivities kicked-off with Pajama Day, where students arrived at school dressed in their cozy pajamas, accompanied by their favorite books, blankets, and stuffed toys. The day unfolded with a variety of engaging activities, including sustained silent reading, small group reading, and a delightful storytelling session where teachers read ‘Room on the Broom’ followed by a screening of the movie adaptation. It was a day filled with joy and enthusiasm, fostering a warm atmosphere of literary enjoyment for everyone!

Mr. Fan

The following week, our passionate Chinese teacher, Mr. Wang (affectionately known as Mr. Fan), led the ‘Poetry Slam’ session alongside other exceptional teachers, engaging all primary students. The teachers guided the students through the rhythmic beats and melodic verses of poetry in different languages, like Chinese, English, Thai, Spanish, Afrikaans, and more. They also encouraged them to dive even deeper into their imagination by translating the poems into vibrant drawings and expressive writing. 

Ms. Rosemary (Ms. Milk) also graced us with her presence and serenaded us with the heartfelt song ‘Never Enough’. Mesmerized by her beautiful voice, the students were captivated, and together, we reflected on the importance of time spent with our loved ones. 

Reading Buddies

Another popular activity during this event was the reading buddies program, where older kids paired up with younger students to read together. This not only helped younger students to improve their reading skills, but also fostered a sense of community and friendship among students of different ages. 

We were also delighted to welcome some guest readers in person and via Zoom. The Early Years students were thrilled to welcome two dads, each clutching a storybook. Mr. Pethet shared ‘No, David’, encouraging responsible choices, while Mr. Zaw, accompanied by his giant bear, captivated them with ‘The Very Itchy Bear’. Meanwhile, Mr. Sam’s mom gladly read a story to Grade 2 via Zoom about ‘Possum Magic’, a tale that had been told to Mr. Sam when he was their age. 

Book Character Day

Finally, the event culminated with the annual Book Character Day where the students and teachers confidently strutted the runway with their creative  and magnificent costumes.  

At Wells Bang Na, Reading Month wasn’t just a regular event – it was like stepping into a magical adventure that touched the hearts of every student and teacher. As the month came to an end, the sounds of laughter and the dreams sparked by stories hung in the air, reminding everyone of the wonderful spell reading casts on our lives, shaping our brighter futures. 

Written by: Ms. Adoracion Paredes and Ms. Queenie Lively

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