All About Money by Grade 2B

Using money is an important skill we need in our everyday life. Grade 2B students are aware of that too and they were very excited to learn that the month of February was all about money. They already knew something about digital currencies used in games, or about coins and bills. In our classes they had a chance to learn about the history of banks, credit/debit cards and mobile banking.  They learned about dollars and used their knowledge to solve different mathematical problems. However, they did not have that much experience touching or using actual money. Thanks to other Wells teachers, we collected more than 8 international currencies for the Grade 2B to explore. The students had a chance to explore more than 8 international currencies from all around the world. They could touch them, compare them and check them for differences and hidden secret pictures. They also recreated a real-life market where they role-played customers and market vendors and used actual Thai baht coins to shop and sell items they found in the classroom. February was certainly a month rich in learning and fun!

-Ms. Veronika, G2B-Homeroom Teacher

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