AISAA Swimming team

AISAA Swim Gala @ Concordian International School May 14th, 2018

Congratulations to our primary school swimmers (On Nut Campus). Many were able to place in the various heats, and proudly represented Wells. Here are our winners:


Ricky (3A)
3rd place 100 meter IM
3rd place 50 meter Breaststroke
3rd place 50 meter Butterfly
Haven (2A)
1st place 25 meter Breaststroke
2nd place 25 meter Butterfly
Queenie (1A)
3rd place 25 meter Butterfly
Youta (3B)
3rd place 50 meter Freestyle
Ricky (3A), Haven (2A), Youta (3B), Souta (3B)
3rd place 100 meter Freestyle Relay

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