Learning Happens Everywhere – Wells Bang Na Primary and Kindergarten Field Trip

Wells Bang Na students have been all around town visiting a variety of new places. Our teachers and students are thrilled to be able to learn off campus as it adds dimension to each unit of inquiry. Read all about our adventures at the new  places we visited!

Under the Stars with Grade 3 – Planetarium

The students thoroughly enjoyed the show at the planetarium, but they found the most joy in the science center. They were fascinated by the preserved reptiles, as well as the dinosaur section. They learnt about the planets, but also the myriad of constellations and their names. They also found out more about the northern lights and how they are formed. The Grade 3 students  have a deeper understanding of just how large the universe is! While we know many things about it, there is still so much more to discover.

Modern Art Fans, Grade 4 – Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Grade 4 enjoyed their visit to BACC. We are studying structures in our current unit and focusing on functionality and aesthetics. The students loved walking around looking at the different art exhibitions and really admired the design of the building. They learned that art can be interpreted in many different ways and that they each have their own unique style and taste in what they like. They also learned that it is ok to have a difference of opinion in what you find to be special or beautiful. The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center was a great place to visit and the class was able to make many connections between our unit on structures with their visit to the museum.

Active Learning at the Children’s Discovery Museum with K3

The K3 field trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum was an exceptional learning experience. The students had a great time exploring interactive and hands-on activities. K3 loved looking at different exhibits, and engaging with the world beyond our campus. One highlight was the interactive vegetable garden. Students enjoyed a coloring activity and watched their vegetables come to life in the interactive garden. Next, we visited the ‘Dino Detective’ park, which was the pinnacle of the trip for everyone. Most K3 students are highly interested in dinosaurs, so this was a popular spot.  K3 learned about the dinosaurs and participated in an outdoor fossil dig. Students were given tools to hunt for dinosaur fossils in the sand. After the fossil dig, the students enjoyed watching a short 4D cartoon. After hours of fresh and exciting learning experiences, the students had an opportunity to let off some energy in the outdoor activity zone, exploring a jungle adventure climbing frame and tree house and playing with slides, a tunnel, nets, and a suspension bridge. It was an exciting day for K3 and provided many opportunities for learning and reflection.

Grade 2 – The Coin Museum

Grade 2’s visit to The Coin Museum was a huge success. This exhibition, run by the Treasury Department, showed the history of currency from early trade through to mobile banking. Students particularly enjoyed embossing and stamping designs from around the world, and using interactive displays to learn about alloys used in coin manufacture. A highlight for the whole class was the 4D presentation at the start of the tour, which featured an artificial cave with moving paintings and a crackling campfire. Students came away with an increased appreciation of currency as an art form, considering how it expresses the cultures of those who create it. Money gives value to goods and services, but it also reflects the values of the people who use it.

Grade 1 – Museum Siam 

Grade 1 had a great time during the field trip to Museum Siam.  Students were fascinated by the clever displays that in many cases involved hands-on activities to keep them engaged. Several elements from this trip tied directly into our current unit.  We saw more traditional toys that kids have played with in the past, rather than using iPads and video game systems.  Lithograph toys showed a contrast to what kids typically play with today.  Students were able to sit in more traditional desks and read old Thai textbooks and maps.  They saw old music boxes with CDs and cassette tapes.  Large cell phones, that never knew of the internet, were also on display.  It was a fun and educational adventure for all!

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