2018 May/June Newsletter – Wells Primary School, On Nut Campus

Wrap Your Head Around Mind Maps

by Ms. Kayla Grade 3A Homeroom Teacher

To introduce our solar system unit this semester, each student completed a mind map. A mind map is a way for students to list out any and all information that they have on a topic, and make connections between that information. It was a way for me to assess what they knew, what they were not sure of, and any misconceptions that they may have had so I could adjust my instruction to better suit them. Students started off with a central word. In this case we were doing the solar system and outer space, so they chose a word that they knew related to outer space. They wrote this central word in the middle of the paper in big letters. From there they created lines linking the central word to other secondary words or phrases that they related it to. On each connecting line, students had to write why the two words or phrases connected to each other. Once they had a certain amount of words and phrases connected to the central word, they began making connections between the secondary words. They were expanding their thought process and creating connections by using their prior knowledge with every drawn connection. It ends up looking like a giant web full of thoughts and connections. The students were able to reveal to themselves, and me, how much they knew. Even when they thought they really didn’t know much besides there are planets and stars in our solar system. It was a great way to boost their confidence and curiosity before beginning a new unit.

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Shapes with Grade 2

by Mr. David – Grade 2A Homeroom Teacher

In grade two we have been studying two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry. We started by reviewing simple shapes such as squares and triangles. We then discussed vocabulary such as angle and side. We then made solid shapes such as cubes, triangular prisms and pyramids. This unit was rich with vocabulary such as vortex, edge, face, cylinder and sphere. Understanding what these words mean in math class is very different from their common everyday use! Creating 3-D objects from cut out paper was very helpful to understanding these basic concepts. Students also created some excellent word art to further demonstrate and solidify their understanding.

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2018 Primary School Talent Show

by Mr. Will – Grade 5A Homeroom Teacher

On June 12 the Primary students lit up the stage for this year’s talent show and it wasn’t just your usual song and dance! Grades one to five showed that they are more than just about academics as they wowed the crowd with entertaining performances across the board. The audience was treated to piano playing, gymnastics, drumming, guitar playing, singing, dancing, rapping, and even a martial arts demonstration! The third place winners were Ally, Orm, Janice, and Anwen from grade five with their K-Pop dance routine “Heart Shaker.” Second place went to Devon, Maxime, and Win from grade two for their unique and high energy take on the song “Pray for Me” from the movie Black Panther. The brother/sister duo of Hibiki and Mizuki took home the top prize for their electric hip hop dance routine. One could argue that the real winners were the members of the audience, as they were able to see just how much amazing talent we have in Primary!

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2018 Primary School Science Fair

by Mr. Snider – Head of Primary and Grade 4A Homeroom Teacher

The annual Wells Primary Science Fair was held June 14. Students from grades 1-5 engaged in a variety of science activities and presented them to the Wells learning community. Grades 1 and 2 did class projects together that helped the students to begin understanding the process of scientific investigation. In grades 3-5, students were expected to independently develop, conduct, and present a science project of their own choosing. In these grades, emphasis was placed on such learning behaviors as working independently, managing time properly, thinking creatively and critically, and producing quality work. Students came up with a wide variety of interesting experiments and conclusions related to many different areas of scientific inquiry. We hope that participation in the science fair promotes in Wells students the curiosity and intellectual drive needed to continue down the path of scientific inquiry.

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2018 Primary School Spelling Bee

by Ms. Kay – Grade 1A Homeroom Teacher

All primary students had the opportunity to participate in this year’s WIS Spelling Bee. This event consisted of two parts: the Elimination Round and the Final Round. In preparation for the competition, students were provided with grade-appropriate spelling words and the official rules to study. The Elimination Round was held in each homeroom and resulted in the selection of six finalists who would then move on in the competition and have a shot at the title of WIS Spelling Bee Champion. The Final Round was held in the Auditorium with an audience of parents and students. This round challenged finalists to spell unknown words following precise procedures. Participants were able to write out their words as well as ask judges for a repeat, definition, or application of the word. Out of the six finalists competing in the Final Round, three of the top spellers were awarded first, second, or third place. Despite the outcome, all students were given the chance to apply themselves and engage in a friendly competition!

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Out to Space with Grade 3

by Ms. Maneka – Grade 3B Homeroom Teacher

For six weeks, grade 3 has been having a ton of fun with our space unit. The students have had a number of activities and projects. We started by discussing Mars and the requirements for living things. The students were able to get a sense of the amount of effort and knowledge that was required to explore space. The students then started their research which contained facts about the planets in the Solar System. They were full of information as well as some beautiful artwork. The students finished up the unit with a presentation. They each had their own topic, so we ended up learning a lot from each other. Space is always a fun and interesting topic, and grade 3 had a blast with this unit!


Mapping out the solar system.

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