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Instilling an Appreciation for Thai Culture

As part of the Thai culture and social studies courses at Wells International School, our grade 4 and 5 students went on a field trip to M.R. Kukrit’s Pramoj’s historical residence. Known to all Thai nationals, Mr. Kukrit was the 13th prime minister of Thailand and was also the first to create a political party. His dwelling consists of five houses, each featuring unique aspects, and is decorated with typical Thai handcrafted furniture.

Teaching a Practical, Global Perspective

Part of Wells International School’s mission as an educational institution comprises the continual reevaluation of our standard courses, making them more practical and relevant to students’ modern experiences. Additionally, we strive to introduce new opportunities for them to learn more about their surrounding world through the addition of germane elective courses at the high school level. One such program is the World Religions course, an elective offered to upper high school students, and the first of many classes that emphasize the pragmatic application of the knowledge gained during the period of study. Given the volatile nature of religious conflict in the modern world, young adults must become aware of the necessity for tolerance and understanding of other viewpoints.