WIS ON Primary School Newsletter- May 2019

Congratulations to the Grade 5 Graduating Class 2019


The grade 5A and 5B class commemorated their completion of the Wells primary school program with a cozy ceremony that took place after the Summer Spotlight show. Students were able to receive their Certificate of Completion from their homeroom teachers as well as special graduation cupcake, personalized with their name. We wish you the best of luck in middle school!

TOMY Toy Factory Field Trip 

Ms. Maneka – Grade 3B Homeroom Teacher

Two weeks ago, Grade 3 students spent almost an entire day at the TOMY Toy Factory.  Students were guided throughout the factory and were able to observe the different steps required in producing toys.  Our first stop was to observe the engineers at the factory designing toys on the computers. Then we moved on to the main part of the factory where students saw the ways the molds were created, the injection process, and the production line showing ranges of things. The students saw the way the screws were injected into the toy and the way the workers charged the battery section of the toys. Subsequently, we headed to the quality control area where we were able to see how new products were tested after the production and we were guided to the warehouse where the goods were stored prior to being distributed.At the end of our trip, students had a chance to play with toys created by TOMY Toy factory, enjoyed their lunch with their classmates and answered couple of interesting questions set by our guide. It was an extremely interesting day to watch how ideas can turn into products which becomes part of our everyday lives.


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Spelling Bee 2019
by Ms. Dana – Grade 5B Homeroom Teacher

The week of May 27th to 31st was the primary school Spelling Bee.  At the start of the study period, each student was given a long list of spelling words for their grade level.  They spent days or weeks preparing for tryouts where finalists were selected from each homeroom. Finalists from each class put their spelling skills to the test in a nerve-wracking contest.  At this part of the contest, students were given no word list. They had no idea which words they would be asked to spell. They were left with just their spelling knowledge and perhaps a paper and pencil to figure out how to spell each word.  At the end of the contest, only three students from each grade level were awarded the coveted prize. Congratulations to the following winners!

Grade 5
1st Place – Wit , 2nd Place  – Team, 3rd Place – Pun


Grade 4
1st Place – Shunsuke, 2nd Place – Joshua, 3rd Place – Don
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.25.06 AM
Grade 3
1st Place – Maxime, 2nd Place – Albie, 3rd Place – Yulie


Grade 2
1st Place – Eric, 2nd Place – Paranee, 3rd Place – Queenie
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 7.01.54 PM
Grade 1
1st Place – Soma, 2nd Place – Krish, 3rd Place – Yue Yue


Summer Spotlight 2019
by Ms. Kay – Grade 1A Homeroom Teacher
At the end of the month, the Primary School presented the musical, “Yee-haw!”, as part of the Summer Spotlights Concert. Grades 4 and 5 opened the show with a beautiful instrumental performance played on recorders. The audience was then taken on a western adventure by all of the primary students. Each grade performed special dances to catchy tunes such as YeeHaw!, Home on the Range, Giddy Up!, The Cowboy Code, Billy the Bad, Under the Stars, and Until We Meet Again. For the finale, Grades 1, 2, and 3 showed off their dancing abilities in lively musical numbers.  In addition, we held our very first Art Show where students were able to showcase some of their best works of art. Students had a great time entertaining their family and friends!



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