Who We Are: Grade 1 Unit

Grade 1 jumped into the new school year with the Who We Are theme. This theme made us focus on the relationships we have and how we learn from other’s perspectives. We learned communication skills like listening and speaking. We learned social skills such as taking turns and organizing ourselves too.

First, to inquire into the different social interactions we have, we asked questions about what we were wondering about and shared what we knew about the topic. Aurelio asked, “How do people use words?” . Then, Nandu wondered how people are different.
We inquired more into what Nandu asked about. As a class, we discussed things that made us special. Then, we talked about all the similarities we had. Piper said we all had families, but Prim said that our families were not the same. We decided that we wanted to compare the similarities and differences in our families.

So, we made a Venn-diagram to show how we compared our own family with a friend’s family. We made Venn-diagrams in pairs and wrote the things that were different in the outside circles. Then, we wrote the things that were the same in the small part where the circles overlapped. We found some interesting differences, such as some people were from Thailand and some people were from other countries.

With this in mind, we made a class Venn-diagram and compared the students from Thailand and the students from other countries. We looked at things we do, food we like to eat, languages we speak and even the flags that look different. We found so many differences, but, to our surprise, we found many similarities too. We found out that we all loved our families, we were all happy, we all liked Christmas and we were all living in Thailand.

Unit One Who We Are




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