Wells Thong Lo | Our Solar System by Grade 2

3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!

Grade 2 students have been exploring the solar system unit – one of the most exciting units students always look forward to learn! This space unit involves a number of interactive activities and fun experiments. 

Students have shown a great interest in learning about the history of the universe, particularly about the discovery of the Milky Way galaxy and how the Sun and the Moon were formed. They researched facts and information about the inner planets, outer planets, and also the dwarf planets. They were captivated by the explosion of stars and the appearance of the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt.

To complement our learning, students created the solar system model painting to make a visual representation of the planets in our solar system as well as other celestial bodies in space. They enjoyed using their artistic skills in painting the planets and sprinkling glitter all around to add the finishing touches. Everyone’s final project turned out spectacular!

As part of their STEAM activity, students were given a challenge to design a space station using recyclables. After studying the purpose of the International Space Station and how astronauts live there, each child got creative with their ideas while making sure to include the main components of a space station such as modules and solar panels.

Students’ desire to become an astronaut when they grow up was further expressed in their writing project where each student chose a planet or a celestial object which they imagined and explored in their writing. Everyone got really creative with their entertaining stories. What a fabulous month of learning it was in Grade 2!


– Ms. Candy Jagota, Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher


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