Wells Thong Lo | Loy Krathong 2023

Monday-November 27-2023
Happy Loy Krathong Day! The spirit of this vibrant festival came alive at Wells International School as our students adorned themselves in traditional Thai attire, embracing the rich cultural heritage of one of Thailand’s grandest celebrations.
The festivities kicked off with a heartfelt speech about Loy Krathong delivered by our insightful Grade 1 students. Their words set the tone for a day filled with cultural immersion and joyous celebration. Following this, our talented students graced the stage with a captivating Loy Krathong dance performance, drawing everyone into the beauty of this traditional Thai festival. The joy was contagious, and soon, students and staff joined in, dancing together in unison, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.
But the celebration didn’t stop there. Various stations were set up to engage everyone in the richness of Loy Krathong traditions. Students had the opportunity to learn the intricate art of crafting Krathong from lotus leaves, a hands-on experience that connected them to the cultural roots of the festival.
A special note of gratitude goes out to all the parents who actively participated, contributing to the success of this special occasion. Your involvement made Loy Krathong Day at Wells International School a truly memorable and enriching experience for everyone.
We look forward to more opportunities to celebrate and embrace the diverse cultural tapestry that makes our school community so special.
Written By: Ms Gona

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