Wells Thong Lo | K2 Makes New Friends

K2 students had a blast making new friends from other classes. As part of their “Friendship” theme, students from all three classes were mixed together and rotated around the classrooms. In the Dolphin class, K2A students introduced their new friends to their favorite toys in the class. They practiced sharing and playing together. The Penguin class was an exciting puzzle room. In groups of three, students were tasked with completing tricky jigsaw puzzles. They put their brains together and communicated effectively to solve the puzzles! In the Kangaroo class, students interacted through music and dance. The new friends went “Walking through the Jungle” together and cheered on one another in a “Freeze Dance” game. K2 shared smiles and laughter with the new friends they made on this fun-filled day!

Written by: Ms. Meg – K2C Homeroom Teacher

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