Wells Thong Lo | K1 Rainy Dress Up Day Assembly

Wells Thong Lo | K1 Rainy Dress Up Day Assembly

Written by: Kristin Walczak – K1B Homeroom Teacher

On Friday, May 10th the K1 students participated in a special Rainy Dress Up Day! This month the students are learning all about weather and clothing. The K1 teachers decided to bring this theme to life in order for the children to understand the importance of clothing and how it directly relates to the weather. For our rain unit, the children used their critical thinking skills to decide what type of clothing should be worn when it is raining outside. On Friday, all of the students showed up with their raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas!

K1-Rainy Day (2)

K1 Rainy Day

K1-Rainy Day (5)

K1-Rainy Day (12)

K1-Rainy Day (10)

K1-Rainy Day (8)

Dressed for a real rainy day, the students participated in three very fun rainy day activities! The first activity incorporated their gross motor skills, as each kid had to jump in a ‘rain puddle.’ The second activity had the students use their imagination as they held their umbrella and got ‘rained on.’ The final activity was full of laughs and smiles as the children held tight to their raincoats to avoid getting wet from our rainy day water guns!

K1-Rainy Day (6)

K1-Rainy Day (7)

K1-Rainy Day (13)

Overall, the students had a wonderful time learning about weather and clothing, playing dress up, and participating in the rainy day activities. Creativity and imagination were at the forefront of our role play dress up day, two very important skills that all of the K1 students have. Thank-you to all of the parents who sent in clothing and helped make this event possible!

K1 Rainy Day


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