Wells Thong Lo – Health & Safety Superhero Assembly

Friday, September 8th, Wells International School, Thong-Lo, witnessed an extraordinary event that left both students and educators buzzing with excitement. We had a school filled with pint-sized superheroes—spidey senses tingling, capes billowing, and smiles beaming. This was the scene at Wells International School on “Superheroes in Training Day.” The students embraced their inner heroes, dressed up as their favorite superheroes, and embarked on a day filled with superhero-themed activities that fired up their imaginations. The event featured various stations and activities designed to instill vital life skills and values. Children were introduced to the world of health, nutrition, safety, and environmental conservation through engaging activities. The day reinforced the idea that learning can be fun, and important lessons can be imprinted in the minds of young learners through creative and enjoyable means.

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