Wells Thong Lo | Grade 2 – Field Trip to the Science Museum

Last Tuesday the grade 2 classes visited the Science Center for Education at Ekamai.  The students had a blast as we were treated to a presentation in the Planetarium and then had the opportunity to explore the science museum.    

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0023 (Medium)

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0026 (Medium)

During the Planetarium presentation, we learned about constellations and how they change throughout the night. We were also treated to a video that talked about different types of telescopes and what they help us see.

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0008 (Medium)

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0014 (Medium)

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0013 (Medium)

g.2 Plenatalium_181112_0001 (Medium)

Afterwards, we explored the various exhibits in the museum, including taking a walk on the moon and riding a spaceship. The students have really enjoyed the solar system unit and it was nice for us to have an opportunity to build on their knowledge in a fun yet educational environment.

Written by: Ms. Stephenie – G2A Homeroom Teacher

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