Wells Thong Lo | Celebration of Culture 2023

Thursday, June 15, Wells Thong Lo celebrated International Day “Celebration of Culture”. It was an exciting event where young children come together to explore and appreciate the diversity of our world. It was a joyful occasion that highlights the customs, traditions, and heritage of different cultures in a fun and interactive way.

This celebration not only introduces young children to the beauty of cultural diversity but also helps them develop a positive sense of identity. They learn to embrace their own cultural heritage while respecting and valuing the cultures of their peers.

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Nursery - Giraffe
Nursery – Giraffe – “He Mele No Lilo” from Hawaii (U.S.A.)
K1A – Hippo – “Mexican Hat Dance” from Mexico
K1B – Elephant -“My New Swag” from China
K2A – Kangaroo – “Hoy Somos Mas” from Argentina
K2A – Kangaroo “X” from Colombia; “Baiana” from Brazil
K2B – Penguin – “Old Town Road” from U.S.A.
K3A – Lion – “Try Everything” by Shakira
K3B – Panda – “Verge” by Owl City
K3C – Tiger – “What a Wonderful World” by the Ramones
Grade 1A & Grade 1B – Jibidi folk” from France
Grade 1A & Grade 1B – “Ninaipenda” from Tanzania
Grade 1A & Grade 1B – “Gurenge, Demon Slayer” from Japan
Grade 1A & Grade 1B – “Mong Nan Nan” from Thailand
Grade 2A & Grade 2B – “Xoxo” & “Fantastic Baby” from Korea;
Grade 2A & Grade 2B – “Espana Cani” & “Senorita” from Spain
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