Wells Thong Lo | All Ready for Afterschool Activities

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to participate in a safe and productive environment after school has ended. When the bell rings, it doesn’t mean your child’s day is over. In fact, that time after school is filled with ample opportunities for your child to continue their development. After school activities are all about variety. There are many different programs to explore in order to find the right fit for your child. Your child may not always enjoy the first activity they try, but don’t worry, there are plenty more to explore and it is guaranteed they will find one they like. When children have a clear idea of their hobbies and interests from an early age, it can help them make better decisions for their future. Activities are much more than a way to fill time after school, they can tell you and your child a lot about their likes and dislikes along with their strengths and developmental opportunities. After school activities are shown to provide a number of benefits for your child. Getting involved in activities is shown to help children be more extroverted and responsible. Children are overall happier and healthier when they are engaged in things they enjoy doing.


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