Read and Relax at Wells Bang Na

Relax and Read

March is reading month at Wells International School!  On March 16th, Bang Na campus students from kindergarten 2 up until grade 3 participated in our school’s “Relax and Read”.  Our “Relax and Read” was a time for our students and teachers to enjoy silent sustained reading.  All grade levels joined together in our gymnasium for this event.

K2 students enjoy their books!

Benefits of Silent Sustained Reading

Silent sustained reading (relax and read) is great for children because it enhances reading enjoyment and increases reading comprehension. It also strengthens fluency skills, improves writing, and builds vocabulary.  Independent reading allows children to explore which topics they are interested in. Silent reading also helps students gain independent working habits.

To add a level of fun and excitement for our students, our kindergarten and primary students dressed up in our pajamas for the day! Some grade levels built reading domes in order to create their own private reading area. The students were able to read quietly and privately within the group!

The goal of “March Reading Month” is to encourage literacy skills and instill a love of reading in our students. This activity was a great way to build a community who loves reading together!  The students and teachers had a wonderful time!  Stay tuned, reading month has many other exciting events coming up.

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