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Visit to the Foundation of the Blind

The grade 12 “Issues in Society” class visited the “Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. The Queen.”  The class voted to go there after one of the students, Milk, proposed the visit in a friendly class competition that had all students propose a popular community service trip for the class.  

Once the Wells students reached the Foundation for the Blind, they were introduced to the blind students that they were assigned to work with.  Some of the Wells students taught subject matter or helped with homework whereas some simply talked with the students.

One student, Natnisha, reflected on the experience as follows:

“We learned how blind people are independent individuals.  They are really good with finding their way to adapt to new situations and to interact with new people. The students we met were a bunch of smart students who were eager to learn and discover new things. We shared stories of our lives and they would share their stories, some which were sad (especially the story of how they lost their sight). As an outcome of the trip we learned how we should not take anything for granted and we should be grateful for what we have since we don’t know how long it will last.  Special thanks to Mr. Tyler for taking us, Mr. William for guiding us through the process, and Milk for taking the lead on organizing this special experience.”

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