mural project

The Mural Painting Project

The Hero Mural Project 2019

The Grade 2 students are partaking in the Wells International School Bang Na Campus yearly tradition: The Mural Painting Project.

In this tradition the students, their homeroom teacher (Ms. Viki) and their Art Teacher (Ms. Carla) collaborate to decide on a theme. There was also further discussion how the chosen theme would be displayed on the wall. It was decided that the theme should be about one of the students’ units, namely: Who we are. The central idea of this unit was “Heroes are a reflection of people’s beliefs and values”. This mural project is a visual reflection/representation of the variety of heroic values and IB PYP attitudes that our students and community aspire to.

The students thought of their own design and laid it out on a piece of paper. The art teacher took their design and created the outlines on a wall. Naturally during the painting process certain alteration had to be made. Even though the mural is different from the original design, the students were understanding and optimistic about the new changes.

mural project

mural project mural project


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