Sustainability Expo 2023

The Grade 5 students from Wells Bang Na had an incredible visit to the Sustainability Expo 2023 this week. With the theme “Good Balance, Better World”, the exhibition used the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to bring together charities, foundations and organizations from around Thailand.

For Grade 5, this was a unique opportunity to see a real expo that aimed to make the world a better place – something that they will also be doing in May, when they stage their PYP Exhibition. Using their devices, students took videos, photos, notes and recordings that will inspire their own booths, art installations and action projects throughout the year.

Throughout the visit, students explored different zones, which included an interactive kids’ zone, a market hall with sustainable goods, exhibition halls themed around “Better Me”, “Better Living”, “Better Community” and “Better World” and more. They visited booths by national and international organizations such as the United Nations and the Thailand Forestry Department.

Not only did they see inspirational art and interactive activities, but they also had chance to speak to experts in their chosen fields. Our Gender Equality group spent some time connecting with Khun Jay from the UNDP, and they also got the chance to hear a brief introduction by the UNHCR, which links to their current inquiry into migration.

At Wells Bang Na, we look forward to seeing how this field trip inspires their inquiries and the exhibition process, and we look forward to sharing further learning with you over the coming year.


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