Student Led Learning and Reflection at Wells Bang Na

At Wells International School, Bang Na, May 1st marked a special occasion as parents were welcomed onto the campus to partake in an innovative educational initiative: student-led conferences. This event was not merely a showcase of academic achievements, but a testament to the school’s commitment to empowering students as active participants in their own learning journey.

From the spirited kindergarteners to the diligent primary grade students, each child took center stage, confidently articulating their progress and reflections from the academic year. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and anticipation as parents eagerly listened to their children’s accounts of their learning experiences.

The essence of student-led conferences lies in its emphasis on student agency and ownership of learning. As students stood before their parents, they not only shared their accomplishments but also reflected on areas where they aimed to improve, referred to as “glows and grows”. This reflective practice instills a sense of responsibility and self-awareness in students, fostering a growth mindset that transcends the confines of the classroom.

For parents, witnessing their children take charge of their learning was a profoundly enriching experience. The pride gleaming in their eyes mirrored the sense of achievement felt by their children. Moreover, these conferences provided parents with invaluable insights into their child’s learning process, allowing for meaningful dialogue and collaboration between home and school.

The teachers at the Bang Na campus often say, “students are at the center of everything we do”, which has organically evolved into our informal motto as a teaching team. During the student-led conferences, this belief resonated with authenticity. The teachers and parents could clearly see that our philosophy and approach to teaching has indeed given ownership and agency to each individual student.

By placing students at the forefront of their educational journey, these conferences instill a sense of ownership, agency, and responsibility that transcends the boundaries of traditional education. As we celebrate the success of this initiative, let us reaffirm our dedication to fostering an educational environment where every child is inspired to reach their full potential.

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