Songkran Splash at Wells Bang Na

Every year, Wells Bang Na celebrates Songkran, but this year was especially exciting! For the first time in many years, our students, parents and teachers were looking forward to a big water fight on the playground. This was not possible during the pandemic, but this year our students were eager anticipating a huge splash party with water guns and balloons. 

To open the celebrations, the teachers and students paraded down the street together led by teacher drummers. Performances by our students showed their appreciation for Thai music and culture. Seeing the students enjoy the music and dancing was the best aspect of the show. Wells Bang Na student’s are becoming confident performers and one of our Grade 3 students decided to MC parts of the show. 

One of the highlights this year was the tug-o-war game played between parents and students. The parents usually win, but this year, to everyone’s surprise, the teachers had the upper hand. Since the students were cheering so passionately for their parents, we had to reward the Mom’s and Dad’s who played with a special treat. They were awarded the privilege of throwing the first buckets of water and their victims were our teachers and school leaders!

The Songkran festival at Wells Bang Na gives everyone an opportunity to experience the beauty of Thai culture with our family and friends. On behalf of our community, we wish you a wonderful Songkran holiday! 

Happy Thai New Year! 


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