PYP Exhibition at Wells Bang Na: Change The World, Save The World

Wells Bang Na recently hosted its first in-person PYP Exhibition, an event that highlights the creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative efforts of the Grade 5 students. This exhibition is the culminating event of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and a chance for the entire school community to celebrate the year-long inquiries that the students have explored.

The theme that Grade 5 chose for this year’s exhibition was “Change the World, Save the World,” reflecting the students’ dedication to making a positive impact on the planet. Each group of students chose their own global issue and found ways to take action in the community. The themes this year included gender equality, sustainable and responsible energy use, and protecting marine ecosystems.

Throughout the course of these extended projects, students undertook research that included speaking to experts in their respective fields. Groups were fortunate enough to speak to oceanographers from around the world, the Maltese commissioner for gender equality, and one group even had a video interview with a U.S Senator!

The resulting actions included a successful family fitness event at Nong Bon Park, a resource pack to support teaching in Grade 3, a YouTube channel, and collecting pledges from visitors. Each group also wrote letters to decision-makers in Thailand and abroad to encourage change on a national and international scale.

During the exhibition week, students displayed their research and action projects, alongside interactive elements, artworks and creative performances. The students also presented elements in Thai and Mandarin, highlighting the importance of multilingualism in the PYP programme.

The event was well attended by students from different Wells campuses, as well as visitors from D-Prep International School. The students received wonderful feedback about the dedication, passion and skills they demonstrated. We are all incredibly proud of these Grade 5 students and wish them every success as they continue their academic journey.


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