K2 Unit 2 Community Day

K2 students at Wells International School, Bang Na inquired about how we organize ourselves in our second unit. Our young explorers focused on systems that link communities and connect people. In this unit, they learned about the different roles people have in communities and explored how their individual roles function. Throughout our learning, our students developed a sense of responsibility and gained knowledge about how systems work in the real world. To make this connection real, our students and teachers decided to have a community role-play day.

The first part of our community helper day was to make connections with our school community. The students wanted to know how they could help. Our students worked together and held a community car wash day. It was a fun learning experience for our young learners, as they were able to make a tangible contribution to our school community, connect with the understanding of our unit, and learn practical skills. 

The second part was a role-play activity where our students explored different roles members of the society play. They showed interest in several community roles, prompting these scenarios in our classroom setting. The students showed wonderful understanding about how communities are networks that need to work together in order to function well.

This experience was a valuable opportunity for our K2 students to understand this importance of community, whilst fostering creativity, social skills, and cooperation. It allowed them to explore community roles through hands-on experiences and play, making the concept come alive. By participating in this activity, students gained a deeper appreciation for those who serve their community and the importance of working together for the greater good.

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