International Math Competition

International Math Challenge 2020



On Friday, February 21st and Saturday, February 22, a team of our middle and high school students participated in the International Math Challenge at Pan Asia International School. Our team of students was selected after qualifying via the first online round against many other international students around the world. On Friday, February 21, our teams competed in the international round and on Saturday, the students competed in the final round against other skilled mathematicians.


As a result of hard work and collaboration at the math competition, we had many students achieve great successes. We would like to celebrate and recognize the following students for their performance and efforts:

International Math Competition

1st runners up:


  1. Crystal (Grade 10)
  2. Jay (Grade 10)
  3. Simon (Grade 11)

International Math Competition

Individual Gold Medalists:

  1. Chihiro (Grade 9): Gold Cat 3
  2. Jay (Grade 10): Gold Cat 4

Individual Silver Medalists:

  1. Sinai (Grade 6): Silver Cat 2
  2. Crystal (Grade 10): Silver Cat 4

Bronze Medalists:

  1. Prem (Grade 9): Bronze Cat 3
  2. Hayeon Kim (Grade 6): Bronze Cat 2
  3. Simon (G11): Bronze Cat 4

Honorable Mention:

  1. Elly (Grade 8): Honorable Mention Cat 3

International Math Competition

International Math Competition

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