International Celebration at Wells Bang Na

At Wells International School, Bang Na, the annual International Day is more than just an event—it’s a vibrant celebration of our community’s many cultures. This year’s festivities were a remarkable display of unity, creativity, and cultural pride, with students, parents, teachers, and even our facilities staff coming together to make the day truly special.

The school grounds were transformed into a colorful mosaic of national pride, as everyone donned their traditional attire, showcasing the stunning diversity within our community. From intricate saris and elegant hanbok to vibrant African prints and classic Mexican costumes, the fashion was both remarkable and inspiring, a testament to the beauty of cultural expression.

Students took center stage with a series of original performances. Their dances and songs, though sweet and simple, were filled with enthusiasm and joy, reflecting the uniqueness of the students performing.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the teacher and parent-led activity booths were a major highlight. Each booth provided a mini-introduction to a different country, offering a hands-on learning experience that was both fun and informative.

The food festival is always the big highlight of any international day celebration, and this year our community was incredibly generous in their sharing of delicious desserts and savoury samplings! It was clear to see that parents had spent hours preparing their dishes, as great attention to detail was given to the display and flavors of the food we shared.

It is through events like these that we foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the myriad cultures that enrich our lives. Thank you to everyone—students, parents, teachers, and staff—for your enthusiasm and dedication in making this day unforgettable. Together, we continue to build a school environment that truly reflects the global community we are a part of.

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