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Youth Leadership Training

In preparation for the IB Themed Regional Workshops at NIST International School from September 21 – 23, “Youth Leadership For A Flourishing Future”, a group of our student leaders from Wells collaborated with NIST student leaders to participate in a youth leadership training program supported by Compass Education. Throughout a time frame of 3 months, the leaders actively engaged in youth leadership workshop activities, developing leadership and facilitation skills to equip them with the tools necessary to thrive as youth leaders of the IB community.

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership

IB Regional Workshops

Youth leadership was highlighted as an important part of IB’s student-centered philosophy in the IB Asia-Pacific Regional Workshops. It also showcased how embedding systems thinking and empowering youth leadership across subject areas and grade levels create a flourishing future through education. As part of this pilot program, the youth leader participants presented inspirational keynote speeches, student-led breakout sessions, and most of them co-facilitated 3-day IB workshops with IB workshop leaders. Students were able to gain a deeper understanding of various IB programs and crucial concepts in education, as well as gain leadership and teaching experience, as many of them led discussions and activities and actively engaged in discussions, providing valuable student perspectives for the purpose of educator development.

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Sapal co-facilitating the IB CAS Category 3 workshop
IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Jai discussing IB Programme Standards with PYP Administrators
IB Regional Worskhops Youth Leadership
Amy learning and facilitating activities related to Social and Emotional Learning

Special Thanks to our Youth Leaders

We would like to thank the following students for their hard work, dedication and development throughout this process:

Amy Schroder (G12), Jai Soni (G12), Jimin Shin (G12), Ruby Song (G11), Sapal Chapagain (G11), Gia Karamchandani (G10), Hrithi Bhattacharya (G10), Riddhi Tandon (G10)

They served as respected youth leaders of our school and demonstrated professional competencies working with teachers, developing their communication, public speaking, collaborative, and creativity skills. Below are some of their shared insights and lessons gained during their involvement in this program

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Hrithi as emcee and performing artist


Insights & Lessons Learned

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Identification and appreciation are the keys to passionate learning, according to Amy and Jai’s opening keynote speech

“Definitely, Definitely, Definitely incorporate youth leaders in such workshops. Although the teachers might not think that it will help us, but the information we got from this workshop was so useful. Although the information was not meant for me or my age group but it was really interesting how I can use this information and incorporate into activities I am involved in or use them in the clubs I lead.” – Jai, Class of 2019

“Teachers go through similar struggles as students. Being aware of your well being is important for our education.”

-Amy, Class of 2019

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Sapal giving a keynote speech about the role of technology in education

“I learned a lot about teachers, and how hard their lives can also be, how teachers organize their programs and how different schools vary in their programs.” -Sapal, Class of 2020

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
Jimin co-facilitating the IB Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) workshop

“It was a great opportunity to think in global perspectives and bring international mindedness to our world. It has given me different perspectives, listening to what teachers think. I gained engagement and appreciation towards my education and IB ESS…now I think more positive about my life and the world. I believe I can make a change in the world!” -Jimin, Class of 2019

IB Regional Workshops Youth Leadership
The youth leaders expressing thanks to their workshop leaders

“It was an amazing workshop, where our voices were heard, where all participants were able to express and describe towards certain notions…We had a conversation and discussion based workshop. In this way, personally, I feel like it really broadened my perspective. After this workshop, my passion for Education grew and it developed a lot, by interacting with international teachers from different schools, countries, and even programs (IB DP, IB PYP, IB MYP).”  -Ruby, Class of 2020

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