Habitats @ Wells Bang Na 2019

Habitats Article

At Wells International School Bang Na, our K3 students studied about animals and habitats. After hammering down our understanding of living and nonliving things we wanted to start things LIVED.  K3A learned about habitat the dessert, the oceans, and the rainforest while K3B inquired into the ocean, arctic and the rainforest!

By far our most authentic experience was with ocean habitats as we got to go to the aquarium. Some of our favorite exhibits were the giant spider crabs, touching the starfish, and of course the SHARKS.

While K3A was learning about the desert K3B wanted to know more about where polar bears, narwhals, and seals lived so we started to inquire about the arctic. The main question??? HOW DO THEY STAY WARM??? This is when we discovered blubber was a huge help to arctic animals is staying warm. Ken and A-Wei in K3B also had great inquiries into polar nights, and midnight suns (the longest periods of darkness, and daylight in the arctic circles). Their questions brought us to an understanding that the earth is on a tilt and bits of the earth are exposed to sunlight 24/7 and some are in darkness 24/7.

Our final habitat was the rainforest. It came as quite a shock that Thailand was FULL of rainforest habitats before people changed the landscape. K3A class looked deeply at the of the LAYERS of the 


rainforest while K3B students became in awe of the cacao tree! We all got to enjoy a taste test of chocolate with different levels of cocoa, it’s not hard to imagine which ones the K3 enjoyed the most!

After the Songkran holidays K3 students will make their own habitat dioramas and focus on conservation efforts that Wells Bang Na can make to further protect the habitats of living creatures in Thailand. It is a great way to tie all of our learning experiences together at the end of this exciting unit.

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