Field Trip Excitement for Grade 1 from Wells Bang Na

Bursting with excitement, the Grade 1 class of Wells International Bang Na, poured from the school vans as they parked in front of the fire station.  Going to the fire station has become a Grade 1 tradition and we were so excited to go and see what happened there. Our unit of inquiry is How we express ourselves and we have been focusing on the different celebrations and traditions we have in our class. This is a tradition we all share!  

Fire Station 1

At the fire station, we got to see a firefighter wrangle and wrestle with a very large python first, much to Ms.Sunee’s horror. So many of us were risk-takers, showing that we were brave while trying new things. Next, the firefighters took us upstairs and we practiced escaping a room filled with smoke, keeping as low as possible and covering our mouths and noses.  We stayed low and followed the firefighters through the maze. Phew! That was so scary!



After that adventure, we saw the fire trucks.  We climbed into the trucks and used the speaker and sirens.  It was so loud. We had turns holding the fire hose, but the firefighters had to help us hold them, because the water pressure was too strong for us.  We tried to see how high we could spray the water. We learned that it is important to be strong and fit if you want to be a firefighter. 


What a great morning we had!  When we got back to school, we connected our experience with our writing skills.  We drew our story in a cartoon and wrote about it, making sure we focused on the sequence.  

FS5Thank you to our teachers for translating and answering all our questions.  What a wonderful learning experience. We can’t wait for our next field trip.  


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