Extended Essay

Extending EE into Lifelong Learning

What is the IBDP EE?

The IB Extended Essay is a key feature of the IB DP Core (along with CAS and TOK). It involves the IB Candidates in an undertaking of 4000 words argumentative essay, and in the case of the sciences this also involves a detailed investigation such as a laboratory experiment or fieldwork. For one of our most recent graduates, Gia Karamchandani in Class of 2021, she saw it as an opportunity to extend into her future studies in university.


Extending the EE into Lifelong Learning

For some, the exploration of writing the Extended Essay (EE) is a chance to try something new, to test the waters in a subject, or to focus on a passion. In the case of Gia Karamchandani and her study of bioremediation in biology was a chance to step further into her future university major. 

During Wells Summer Science Program in June/July of 2019 in the labs at University of Hawaii Manoa, Gia experienced what it was like to pursue lab work and investigations. In her EE topic, her aim was to explore potential solutions to the global issue of water pollution, as a response to what she saw growing up here in Bangkok.

After graduation, she didn’t stop learning. Over the summer of 2021, she took on the challenge of making a scientific poster of her 4000 word essay. She pursued and through several iterations of the poster, she learned how to make one as she went, collaborating with several teachers along the way. In the end, she created this beautiful poster, a product of learning communication skills required in the sciences at the university level. No doubt she is ready to take on her first semester as a university student fully prepared!

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IB DP EE at Wells in September 2021

This first semester, Year 1 candidates in the IBDP are starting to explore their interests and passions in the IBDP Core class. For the Year 2 candidates, they have already developed topics, met with their supervisors, and are in the process of writing their first drafts. This is a challenging at any step of the process. This is where the IBDP offers students a chance to build resilience, focus, and self-regulation, as they monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments. 


Written By: Ms. Katherine Caouette, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator


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