EARCOS Global Citizenship

EARCOS Global Citizenship Award 2022

We proudly present this year’s EARCOS Global Citizenship Award recipient, Shaina Paryani (Class of 2023). She exhibits invaluable dedication and commitment in building a better community and a better world through many of her community engagement, service learning experiences, and leadership roles, including SerWIS Club and other efforts to strengthen our ties with the local community.

EARCOS Global Citizenship

“This award is presented to a student who embraces the qualities of a global citizen. This student is a proud representative of his/her nation while respectful of the diversity of other nations, has an open mind, is well informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others encouraging a sense of community and strongly committed to engagement and action to make the world a better place. Finally, this student is able to interact and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life while having a sense of collective responsibility for all who inhabit the globe.”

— The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS)


EARCOS Global Citizenship


Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions for this award also go to the following members of the Class of 2023, to recognize their work as global citizens and contributions to our school community:

Jirachaya Bussayabuntoon (Angie)

Ting-Yu Lin (Katrina)


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