Distance Learning at Wells International School

Evidence of Online Learning

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Wells Community has had to transition to distance learning for about two months. Despite the challenge, the teachers and students quickly adapted. We made the most of the situation, continuing to deliver quality lessons to students. Teachers ensured the connection to school remained strong, although socially distant.        

In our primary department, we integrated live lessons, instructional videos and a variety of activities in our online learning program. The main platforms we use are Seesaw, Google Meet and Zoom. Our teachers meet weekly by grade level, department and in flexible groups to discuss best practices in online learning. We brainstorm how to maximize effectiveness during this new era of learning. We would like to thank our parents and community for supporting our students at home. Our parents are essential in this process of online learning.

Here are some of the highlights of what has been happening in our virtual classrooms at our Bang Na campus. 

Pre-K/Nursery: Pre-K Nursery students were challenged to stay healthy, shine brightly, and be positive during online learning. Students focused on how to manage their emotions and anger through different yoga games and stories. Pre-K finished the unit of inquiry  “How We Organize Ourselves”. We took part in an amazing Earth project. In our classroom, play and inquiry are important parts of our day. Pre-K students continue to learn about the world around them, at home through the play and activities. The students developed their self-regulation and organization skills.

K1A: Social distancing is very challenging, especially for our young learners in K1. They are developing their communication and social skills. However, our daily virtual circle time, via Zoom, helps our students continue to develop those necessary skills and daily routine. Our students interact online and have conversations while sharing learning time. Even though live lessons can be a bit chaotic for our young learners, they allow our children to feel connected and part of the class. We also have online story time, physical activities and virtual math engagements. Our current unit of study is about “All About Pets”. The students love this topic! 

K2A: K2A is learning about animals. We shared our pets through show and tell.  We watched birds out of our windows and gardens. K2A students observed animals around them, near and far. As a line of inquiry, students studied different animal characteristics. We created animals with different art materials, food, play dough, and other materials at home. We noticed that animals are uniquely different in the animal groups. Students have stayed active by doing animal yoga poses and different animal movements. 

K2C: During this period of online learning we explored our lines of inquiry animal features, animal behavior and animal classification. K2C students observed animals around them.They learned different groups of animals. Students identify the characteristics of animals then classify them accordingly. The students engage in hands-on activities at home by creating animals and animal life cycles with things around the house. The students actively participate in live sessions each day. They learn through games using their toys and blocks to learn math concepts and literacy.

Grade 1 Dance Class: The grade 1 unit of online learning is about “Sharing the Planet”. The central idea is people can establish practices in order to sustain and maintain the Earth’s resources.  In dance class we participated in this transdisciplinary theme by learning  a new dance to the song, “We’re in this together”. Grade 1 is proud to present our dance compilation which shows our love and care for Mother Earth. The grade one students understand the importance of protecting the Earth. Grade 1 loves to perform and is excited to share their dance video with our community!

Grade 2: In grade 2, students finished their unit inquiring into money online due to our distance learning situation. Students were challenged to create their own business plans with considerations for our current global crisis. They created an advertisement to persuade consumers to buy their goods or service. Students used their personal strengths to create businesses ranging from translation services to food delivery. Here are some highlights from this engaging and exciting project!

Grade 3: The Grade 3 students were inspired to create a video together that explains how to stay healthy, happy and balanced during quarantine times. The topics they decided to include are fitness, diet, social interaction and fighting boredom. Each student filmed them self explaining ways they have “survived” at home during the isolation. Working on this project together gave the students a greater feeling of togetherness. They are used to working on projects in a collaborative fashion; this assignment enabled them to come back to that familiar format. Learning online has presented us with challenges and opportunities. The Grade 3 students recognized that they have the responsibility to stay healthy and wellness in all circumstances. 

Grade 5: Students have been meeting their mentors and steadfastly pushing ahead with their end-of-year exhibition projects. They aren’t letting the current situation slow them down at all!  They have begun their sixth and final unit of inquiry on the adaptability of the human body for survival in unique environments and situations; a unit perfectly suited to our current online learning context. They have also begun comparative mathematics exams aimed at easing their transition into middle school maths classes, including introductory Geometry. While not as fun online, grade 5 as a class have been showing remarkable responsibility for their own edification and development.

Physical Education:  In the last part of this academic year PE classes faced a completely new way of learning. Even if online classes have been challenging in many ways, they allowed both students and teachers to be creative.  We found different ways to stay active. We adapted the home spaces to games and workouts. Despite this weird situation students showed a great involvement in every activity like daily workouts, catching and throwing balls made out of paper and using other home items to create PE equipment.

Art: A new phenomenon took place during the Global Lock-down. During these uncertain times all businesses were closed, including the Art museums and galleries. Even though this has saddened people some individuals have decided to participate in an “Artwork Posing Challenge” where the participants posed as their favorite artwork and posted it to museums or other digital platforms. This idea was also presented to the students. Some students embraced this challenge and allowed their creativity to shine. These beautiful photos currently grace our Seesaw platforms. There were other instances where we allowed free reign onto our art students. A good example is K2. A brief educational digital poster about Animal patterns was presented to the students. The students had to use what they have learned to create their own spotty animal and stripy animal. The students could use any art medium that they have available at their home. Amazing artworks were created in different forms such as painting, drawing, masks, craft, cardboard boxes, etc.

Mirundu K2A

Nita K2A  Piper (K3B)

Vincent K3B 1

Despite the challenges, Bang Na campus continues to deliver a quality, student centered online program for our students.  Please like and subscribe to our Wells International School Bang Na you tube channel!

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