Class of 2025 IBDP TOK Exhibition

The Class of 2025 IB DP candidates recently hosted the Wells 4th Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition marking the culmination of their first year in the rigorous IB Diploma Programme. This year’s event featured 21 unique exhibitions spread throughout the auditorium, presented to an audience of fellow high school students and teachers.

Promoting Open-Mindedness and Diverse Perspectives

The TOK Exhibition is an excellent practice for fostering open-mindedness, as students explore a single prompt from various perspectives. As an official IB assessment, the exhibition not only challenges students academically but also encourages them to enjoy the process by making personal links in the world around them. They appreciate their own cultures and personal histories while exploring the values and traditions of others.

Thought-Provoking Prompts Explored by DP Candidates

Some of the intriguing prompts explored included:

  • Why do we seek knowledge?
  • Is bias inevitable in the production of knowledge?
  • What is the relationship between knowledge and culture?
  • Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?
  • How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief and opinion?
  • What is the relationship between Personal experience and knowledge?

Increasing TOK Visibility and Encouraging Exploration

The primary goal of the exhibition was to increase visibility of TOK in the school community, as well as encourage students to explore diverse perspectives in pursuit of answers to selected questions. As teachers and students from lower high school attended the event, they were exposed to the primary goal of international mindedness that the IB seeks to foster in schools. There were some interesting discussions and insightful explorations into the questions between the hosts and participants. IB DP candidates were able to reflect and learn from this experience.

Celebrating Student Achievements

We commend the students for their efforts in completing the TOK exhibition in their first year of the IB Diploma Programme, and celebrate their first completed IA of many! This milestone showcases their ability to apply TOK concepts to real-world contexts, demonstrating significant academic and personal growth.

About the IB DP Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

The TOK exhibition is the course’s internal assessment (IA) and its purpose is for students to demonstrate how TOK manifests itself in the world around them. This is achieved through creating an exhibition of three objects which have a real-world context, and demonstrating how these objects connect to one of the IA prompts provided by the IB. Throughout the year, students have been working towards this final event, completing related assessments, such as show & tell, mini exhibition posters and a mock exhibition.

Join Us!

Experience the depth of knowledge and cultural exploration at the Wells 4th Theory of Knowledge Exhibition—where learning goes beyond the classroom, fostering global-mindedness and intellectual curiosity. Select exhibitions will be on display around the school during the final weeks of school if you are curious to learn more!


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