Back to School: Starting a Journey of Learning Together

One month into a new school year,  it’s a time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon since the beginning of the term. We’ve successfully transitioned into the school year, met new friends and teachers, and established a strong sense of community. As we settle into our routines, let’s celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved and look forward to the exciting adventures ahead.

In these past few weeks, our students have not only adjusted to their new classes but have also formed meaningful connections with their peers and teachers. These connections are the heart and soul of our school community, fostering an environment of support and friendship. During the first few weeks of school, our students created “Essential Agreements” which serve to establish a set of expectations for everyone in the class and school. During our primary assembly, the older students helped guide their younger peers through a discussion about our needs and responsibilities. The students also shared how teachers and staff can make our school even better for them this year. Some ideas they shared include making space for soccer, giving students more time to eat snacks and lunch. Others mentioned the books they want for the library. This feedback is valuable and helps us grow as a collaborative community. 

We extend our appreciation to all the parents who joined our Parent Orientation on campus. Parent involvement has helped shape Wells Bang Na in many positive ways, affirming the work of teachers and encouraging our students to share their learning and progress with their family members. During our “meet the teacher” time, some classes has student-led presentations, allowing our primary students to give the typical back to school information directly to their parents. In Grade 4, the students explained our SEL program to parents. In Grade 5, they expressed their growth and goals for the upcoming year. The kindergarten students were simply overjoyed to see parents and grandparents in their classrooms!

As our journey of learning continues to unfold, we will continue to make home connections a significant part of our school culture. 


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