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Animal Unit @ Wells Bangna

K2 Animal Unit

At Wells Bang Na campus, our K2 unit Sharing the Planet inquired into animals and their behaviors. Our students examined and classified animals according to characteristics, features and behaviors. One fun activity for the students to connect to these concepts was inviting students to bring in animals from home! In K2A, Mighty brought a bearded dragon lizard.  The students asked questions, looked at his skin and even touched it! Many students were even  inspired to do their animal research report on this lizard after their curiosity was ignited. The kids were inspired to learn more about it after seeing it at school!
The K2 teacher, Ms. Ellie also brought her cat to school.  The students became interested in big cats; comparing the features of tigers, lions and her house cat, Pistashio. The noticed  some similarities and differences in domestic cats and wild cats. Stamp, from K2B, brought in a baby hedgehog to share with his friends! The students all touched the hedgehog even though they were scared! It was a cool experience for the students. They thought deeply about the strange features of hedgehogs and considered why they were that way.
Maya from K2B said about the experience,”I really liked the nose and eyes on the Hedgehog, they were very cute. “
Custom from K2A said, “The bearded dragon and hedgehog were both a little bit spiky and a little bit soft.”
What a fun, hands-on learning experience for students in K2!  A BIG Thank you to the parents for bringing in these fun animals to share with our community!
animal article
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animal article animal article

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