Academic integrity

Academic Integrity Workshop for Wells Middle School Students

Honesty Matters: Best Practices for Wells International Middle School Students

The middle school students at Wells International School Chonburi arrived at school early on the Saturday morning of January 22nd. Our middle school teachers held a one-day workshop on academic integrity, and most of our students attended. The aim was to foster honesty and ethical behavior in the students’ research and academic writing. 

Paraphrasing Instead of Plagiarism 

The workshop was divided into various components, including plagiarism, citations and referencing, time management, and digital citizenship, and the students were eager to get started. Firstly, our students discussed our school’s academic integrity policy and unpacked what it focused on. The students analyzed the forms of plagiarism and what the consequences are. Then, they learned about and practiced how to paraphrase. 

Academic integrity


Finding References 

After a break, the students delved into citations and referencing research. These techniques are valuable for future research and academic writing. Our middle school students are now better equipped to write quality papers. They are more prepared for their path to university. 

Academic integrity


Digital Citizenship and Social Media 

Lastly, our students spent their last hour solving scenarios about digital citizenship. Our students learned about keeping their information safe and private, being kind online and on social media, and how to protect themselves from the dangers of social media. 

Academic integrity


By instilling the principles of academic integrity, we are laying the foundation for a future generation of leaders. These students will approach challenges with integrity, contribute ethically to society, and serve as role models for others. Initiatives like these contribute to a brighter and more principled future. We aim to foster academic integrity into our school culture to build principled and responsible citizens at Wells International School – Chonburi. 

Academic integrity

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