Wells Thong Lo Campus | 100 Days of School

100 Days of School

Last Friday marked 100 days of the school year here at Wells, Thong Lo. In keeping with our annual tradition, the school celebrated the day with a plethora of themed games, lessons and activities.

Many students arrived in remarkable homemade costumes, while some classes made and decorated unique 100 days themed hats. The teachers also made a big effort to dress accordingly by decorating their clothes with 100 polkadots, stickers or other unique adornments.

In every class, the teachers planned a variety of fun and educational lessons.

Younger children learned how to read, write and decorate the number 100 while older children practiced counting to 100 with toy cars, 1 baht coins, seeds, sweets and colored beads.

Our older students also wrote about how they would spend $100, drew 100 eyed monsters, danced to an energetic 100 song and used their craft and writing skills to imagine how they might look at 100 years old!

Thanks to all of the families, staff and teachers concerned for making such a great effort on this memorable day.

Here’s to many, many more days of learning together!

Written by: Mr. Anthony – K3C Homeroom Teacher


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