Wells International School Grade 1 Students Host Successful Parent Career Chat Event

Wells International School Thong Lo campus recently played host to an enriching and inspiring event – the Parent Career Chat organized by the Grade 1 students. This event was a unique initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the school and the community by inviting parents to share their professional experiences with the young minds. The primary focus was on how various careers contribute to the betterment of the community, aligning with the students’ ongoing learning about their local surroundings.

The Grade 1 students have been actively engaged in understanding the dynamics of their community. Through various educational activities, they have explored the roles people play in shaping the community and making it a vibrant and harmonious place. The Parent Career Chat event served as a practical extension of their classroom lessons, allowing students to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences.

The success of the Parent Career Chat event owes much to the enthusiastic participation of the parents who generously volunteered their time to share their professional journeys. The organizing team extends heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful families for contributing to the event’s success. Their willingness to engage with the students proved invaluable, providing insights into diverse professions and sparking inspiration among the young learners.

The event showcased a diverse array of professions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the WIS, Thonglor community. Parents from various fields, including healthcare, education, sustainability, and technology, shared their unique experiences and perspectives. The Grade 1 students had the opportunity to learn about the significance of each profession and how these roles contribute to the overall well-being and progress of the community.

The interactive sessions between parents and students not only provided valuable career insights but also ignited a sense of aspiration among the young minds. Many students expressed their newfound interest and excitement about pursuing careers similar to those of their parents. The event not only broadened their horizons but also instilled a sense of pride and appreciation for the diverse talents within their own community.

The Parent Career Chat event was more than just a gathering; it was a unique learning opportunity that left a lasting impact on both students and parents. The firsthand accounts of professional journeys, combined with the enthusiasm of the participants, created an environment of shared learning and mutual appreciation.

– Mr. Paul & Ms. Veronika – Grade 1 Teachers



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